Air Pollution

Commuting by motorbike or bicycle: Are you safe from traffic air pollution? Probably not!

Exhaust fumes from multiple vehicles while navigating through traffic, day-in, day-out

Bikers and cyclists are exposed to more air pollution than the general populous. This is because bike and cycle riders tend to inhale double the amount of air compared to pedestrians.

This makes their respiratory system heavily exposed to hazardous toxins and other air pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, diesel fumes, benzine derivatives, smoke, smog, and more.

Avoiding heavy traffic routes to prevent from haze and smoke toxins, emitted by heavy vehicles, results in longer commute times. This ultimately ends in the consumption of more impure oxygen. Considering the AQI (Air Quality Index) of the city areas, it is quite dangerous to commute via bikes and cycles. It is better to take prevention by using air purifiers, air filtration masks, and other portable devices for safe bike and cycle rides.

How Does It Affect Riders?

  • People who regularly commute using cycles and bikes have to share the same path or adjacent lanes with heavy vehicles or vehicles that emit a high amount of fumes. This leads to immediate exposure to the toxic ambiance of the riders.
  • Heavily polluted cities and other high density traffic areas create the possibility of affecting bike and cycle riders with fatal skin issues like discoloration, premature ageing, dryness, etc. These are just some adverse outcomes of air pollution on human skin. Increased risk of skin cancer is also commonly seen among the people who ride cycle and bikes without taking preventive measures.
  • Riders directly inhale poisonous gases released by regular traffic. This eventually causes fatal infections, lung disease, and other critical illnesses.

There is an increase of incidents and deaths for bike and cycle riders due to the pollution caused by city traffic. Thus, it is highly recommended to use air filtration masks and other portable air purifiers while riding through and across the polluted areas of cities.

To name a few purifiers working efficiently to prevent riders from inhaling toxic chemicals and gases are nasal air purifiers, air filtration masks or respirators, necklace air purifiers, etc. offer a range of air filtration masks, with a range specifically for riders. Check out our selection and protect yourself.

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